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VT Zero Limited

We are a global family of consumer electronics products, our story began more than 10 years ago during the time when e-commerce has been heard ever since. The real story of us is about people love electronics products, people associated strongly with technology. People just like you, who believe technology makes a lot of promises and fun, believe technology serve people well and believe we could have better life with technology.

Our employees apply their talents to help bring the benefits of these retail products to life for customers through our online shopping sites and eBay. Partnership is built and it is built central to the way business is done between VT Zero Limited and the suppliers, where over fifty suppliers and factories will deliver reordering and brand new products to the company's warehouse everyday. Our logistics team work seven days a week on shift to make sure instance delivery of goods to customer orders.

We have not more than 100 staff. We are still small, but our growth has created a wealth of opportunities in the company, in our shopping sites and all other sales channels. Our staff insist to offer our customers an enjoyable online shopping experience and let them have fun. Making customers feel convenient, make them feel connected to the technology, at the press of a button. We offer our staff a dynamic environment that encourages learning and growth, we not feel we are part of the company, but we are part of our industry as well.

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VT Zero Limited